Diohespan – for women

Varicose veins of the legs occur in women more often than men, mainly due to endocrine.

Pregnancy and childbirth are both very difficult times for the legs, which are then exposed to heavier burdens. During this period, venous symptoms either worsen or appear for the first time.

It is due to, among other things, hormonal changes, changes in both volume and the pressure of blood in the veins, weight gain. All of that makes pregnant women particularly vulnerable to the occurrence of varicose veins.

dla-kobiet The first symptom of varicose veins may be so-called spider veins: grey-blue, thin lines located just under the skin. Pay special attention to them, because, if neglected, they can turn into varicose veins.

One should try Diohespan max, which is effective and safe even with mild symptoms. Starting the treatment should be, of course, consulted with your physician.